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Startup Stock Photos

Social media marketing often involves playful approach in order to engage the consumers. But being playful may cause some damage to your business if done wrongly. Social media marketing is about interaction and not hard selling. You can do this be spending a little brand equity on playfulness to engage your costumers into an interactive conversation.

With the loose, spontaneous nature of marketing through social media, things can go wrong faster than you think. In hopes of being competitive, the possibility to commit a deliberate mistake or release misleading statements is real. If you take your playfulness too far, it might damage your credibility in the process of sparking conversations. Also, the more genuine you are the better. Trying too hard will backfire and will drive potential costumer away.

Here are three tips on how to use social media marketing to your advantage:

1. Lighten up a little: Social media planning is all about authenticity with a spark; being dead serious won’t bring you anywhere in social media. Trash your old belief that line executives can’t and shouldn’t be playful. Embrace the fun that social media marketing can bring into your business.

2. No risk, no result: Your reluctance to take chances and risks will limit attention and consumer engagement. Of course, along with these, you must prepare some back-up plans if the play will take an unexpected turn.

3. Rule out the rules: The key to being charming in social media marketing is to be creative and flexible, but avoid, at all times resorting to trickery. Even if your message is not straightforward, with creativity and flexibility the public will willingly play along with you, happily.

Social Media marketing is breaking away from how you used to do marketing. Without your imagination, it will be difficult to thrive and be successful. Break away from the usual by exploring the possibility with a fun and bubbly approach.