Leisure and recreation play an important role in our health. Not only they are fun, but they can also refresh our mind and body. As a result, it helps us to stay healthy, active and happy. Here are some of the beneficial factors as well as examples of some recreations based upon the benefits that you would like to get:

Physical benefits

Recreational activities, especially outdoors, is one way to improve your physical wellness. As stated by Dr. Laura L. Payne of the University of Illinois, those who usually take advantage of park activities have fewer doctor visits, lower body mass indexes and lower systolic blood pressures as compared to those who don’t. Outdoor recreation tends to increase one’s physical exercise.

A way to avoid stress and depression

Aside from physical health, mental wellness is also an important part of our well-being. Engaging in leisure and recreation activities is one way to better manage stress and avoid depression. Such activities give you a sense of balance in your life. According to the 2005 California State Parks report, even by just thinking about your past outdoor recreation experiences can improve your mood.

Improve your quality of life

By giving a sense of balance, leisure and recreation can improve your quality of life in general. Moreover, physical recreation is linked with improved self-esteem. This has significant implications for both your mental and physical health. Based on the 2000 American Recreation Coalition study, 90 percent of respondents reported being satisfied with their health and fitness after engaging in recreational activities, while 60 percent of those who did not take part in such activities reported not being satisfied with their health and fitness.

Recreational therapy

Nowadays, many rehabilitation programs include recreational therapy. In this type of therapy, various recreation or leisure activities are being used in order to promote wellness. Faster healing from medical conditions, better stress management, improved body function and enhanced cognitive function are just some of the benefits of this therapy.